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The Future of Medicine: Robots!

It might seem like something out of a science fiction novel, but robots are closer to being integral parts of our society. Especially in the medical field, where they are already assisting doctors with procedures. Robotic surgery is typically used to help doctors make movements that wouldn't be possible with just the human hand.

Most robot surgery uses robot arms that either holds a camera or robotic tools that are then controlled by a doctor. The doctor sits at a computer and controls the arms while also monitoring the patient, and other nurses assist the operation.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

The main benefits of using robots with surgery are the amount of control and precision that it provides. Robot arms and hands are easier to control and more precise than typical human hands and allow for more delicate procedures to be done.

Additionally, Robots can make minimally invasive surgery possible. A minimally invasive surgery can lower risks of surgical infections, allow patients to make a quicker recovery, and give less scarring at the surgical site.

Is it Right for You?

Well, to be able to get any mt pleasant robotic surgery, your operation will have to be performed minimally. Some of these operations that can be done with minimally invasive surgery include: Cancer surgery, ear nose and throat surgery, neurosurgery, and kidney transplants.

You'll have to talk to your doctor to understand if the surgery will be right for you, or if you will need to go through human performed surgery or open surgery.

mt pleasant robotic surgery

What Does it Mean for Medicine?

The field of robotics is advancing, and it will be interesting to see how medicine develops in response to that. Who knows? We might get fully treated by robot doctors in a few years!